He is getting taller.

I can see it in his face the most.  Those chubby cheeks are slowly becoming less full and soon he won't want me to pinch them.  His little baby belly is protruding less and less and his legs have gotten longer.  He's becoming a little boy, no longer my baby.


"Do you want to see how tall you are?"
He runs to the growth chart on his wall.  "Right here, Mommy?"
"Right there."

I put him against the wall, feet all the way back.  The book is placed on his head and I draw a line, marking his height.

"Look, this is how tall you are!"
He tilts his head up to see, glancing at the line I've just made.
"Do you want to play trains with me?"
"Yes, I do."


Watching him become his own person is the single greatest thing I've ever witnessed.  Seeing his wheels turn in his mind as a concept suddenly clicks in his head, or hearing a new word come out of his mouth, it's all incredible.

I'm shaping a person, and he is shaping me.

Since February 9, 2014 I've become a new person.  Less selfish in one way, more selfish in others.  I value my "me" time more than I used to.  But I also value our family time above all else.  I'm less stressed about the daily stresses of life.  But I worry more, too.  I love and laugh more than at any other time in my life.  But I'm more exhausted than I knew a person could be.


We're all stretching into someone new.

Brandon and I are turning into parents responsible for leading another person through life.  Teaching him and supporting him.

Henry is becoming a new person regularly.  What used to be babbles and coos is now suddenly full sentences and complete thoughts.  What used to be scoots on the floor is now full on sprints, testing the limits of how fast we can chase after him.


But somedays I just look over and see my tiny baby that isn't so tiny anymore.  That comes to the top of my thighs as he wraps his arm around my legs.  That explains in clear terms that he does not want to take a bath tonight, and "maybe tomorrow".  That understands when we ask him to clean up his toys or to eat one more bite of his broccoli.

He's growing and stretching and it's beautiful.