Henry: 3 Years

Dear Henry,

Today you turn three and suddenly I can't see the baby in you anymore.  The chubby cheeks are gone, the adorable belly is flatter, and even the diapers are discarded (though that I'm thankful for).  It seems over the past few months you've really become your own person.  For better or for worse, really.  The two's were some great months, but the three's are shaping up to be something new - frustrating but beautiful.

These days you go from one extreme to the next within seconds - the sweetest boy in the world to hating life, and then back again.  Your easy-going nature is still intact but is also supplemented with wanting to be completely independent.  Your hilarity comes with an edge of knowledge now.  There is nothing I love more than our 10 minute drive after daycare where you tell me about your day with excitement and new stories.

You're fascinated by animals and airplanes, light and sounds.  You love fiercely and strongly.  You fight even stronger.  Your tantrums are epic, but you're quick to recover.  You give us our biggest laughs and our most beautiful hugs.  You're empathetic and quick to help others feel better.  And you remain the best part of our every day.  Watching you grow has been the most amazing journey of my life and I am so proud of the kind, sweet person you've become.  

We love you Henry,

Mommy and Daddy

See how he's grown, here!

A list of our favorite things at this age:

  • You are so damn sweet
  • You are so damn fiesty
  • You are so damn stubborn
  • You are so damn smart
  • You're developing an imagination and we love to listen to you play by yourself
  • You have "best friends" and talk about them constantly
  • You count to 30 (even if you skip quite a few numbers between 20-30)
  • You say "thirTEAM, fourTEAM, fifTEAM"
  • You sing your favorite songs loud and proud
  • You tell me you miss me and seem to really mean it
  • You ask me to turn on "usic", pick you up and dance with you (I never say no)
  • You're potty trained!
  • You run SO fast
  • You love being tickled
  • You still love to read and will choose a book over a toy any day
  • You're cautiously adventurous and love to explore
  • You've learned to be nice to the kitty
  • You know your birthday, my birthday and mostly your Daddy's birthday
  • You still can't fit into size 3T clothes
  • Your bright blue eyes have darkened a bit to more resemble mine
  • You love playing on Snapchat and turning yourself into a bunny
  • You love telling people they have stinky butts
  • You'd exist on peanut butter and jelly and fruit snacks if we let you
  • Paw Patrol is your favorite show
  • When you say the words "Paw Patrol" together, it always comes out "Paw Atrol" no matter how many times we practice
  • You know what a carnivore is and regularly say words like "velociraptor and pterodayctl"
  • You get excited to try science experiments
  • We always hear from strangers about how well you talk
  • You say "hmm" and "maybe" and "I think" on a regular basis and it never fails to make me laugh
  • You love wrestling with Daddy
  • We ask each other "how much do you love me", spread our arms as wide as they'll go and shout "THIS MUCH!".  It's always followed by "whoa, that's a lot" and "I know"
  • You seem to love taking pictures, will pick up our phones, turn on the camera and say "Say Cheese" and then giggle
  • Trains are still your jam, but your current favorite toy is the Paw Patrol lookout from Gramma
  • You adore playing with your cousins and I only wish we were closer so we could do it more often
  • Your Gramma and Grammie are your favorite people
  • Even after all this time, when I walk into daycare to get you, you scream "Mommy!" and run at me full speed