5 Things

A few things that have a smile on my face lately.

1.  Feeling like a kid again.  On a whim last night I decided to drag Henry to the store with me to pick out some board games to play.  We came home with Don't Break the Ice (Frozen version, much to my dismay), and Cooties.  When we got home we immediately played both with Brandon and my mother-in-law, Lynne.  It was so fun to take myself completely out of real life and just enjoy time with my little guy.

2.  Superheroes.  Henry is super into wearing his Batman cape these days and insists that I wrap a blanket around my neck to play, too.  We run around the house or yard chasing ghosts and saving the kitty and I love watching his imagination come to life.

3.  Spring issue of Holl & Lane.  On Monday I sent the spring issue of the magazine off to the printers and I've never been so excited about an issue.  This one is all about mental health and I think it's something that is so needed in our world.  You can preorder a print copy of the issue at a discount until Sunday if you want in on it.

4.  Wireless earbuds and an app full of podcasts.  I go through phases where I want either nothing but music, or nothing but podcasts.  Right now, I'm on a podcast kick and I listen all day while at work.  Because my headphones kept getting wrapped around my desk chair, I finally purchased wireless earbuds and I'm FREE!  A few of my favorite podcasts: My Favorite Murder, Strategy Hour, Up and Vanished, Beautiful/Anonymous, Call Your Girlfriend.

5.  Random travel.  I told Brandon that I wanted to make this a year of more travel.  There's so much I want to see in this world so I wanted to put ourselves in positions that would allow us to pick up and go more often.  After finding a great deal on a flight and a hotel in Savannah, GA, we've decided to make a trip there in mid-April just for the hell of it.

Bonus: Good friends.  We've made good friends in our town recently and it makes everything feel a little easier.