For This Father's Day

Dear B,

Sometimes I find myself amazed at the type of father you've become.  And other times, I'm not surprised in the least.  I always knew you'd be good at this.  I always knew you'd be fun but tough, loving but cautious.  

Henry idolizes you.  You can see it in his eyes.  Always wanting to know where you are, if you'll play with him, and his giggles are the loudest when he's with you.  I hope that he grows up to be just like you.

If there is something that I've learned in the last three years as a parent, it's that the person you're parenting with makes all the difference.  I cannot imagine our life any other way.  You make each day happy.  You go out of your way to see Henry and I smile.  You are everything a father is supposed to be - but so much more.

Thank you for giving everything you've got to our family.  Thank you for making personal sacrifices to give something back to us.  Thank you for doing the dishes and the laundry and the yard and the trash and cleaning the bathroom.  You are the rational glue that holds this whole operation together and I'm so happy that Henry and I have you to do life with.

We love you.

Happy Father's Day.