Henry-isms, Vol III

While outside with Brandon who was putting grass filler on the ground
Henry: What are you doing, daddy?
Brandon: I'm putting grass seed down on the bare spots so the grass will grow.
Henry: Hmm, I don't think the bears will eat that.

While telling him a made up story about two of his girl friends
Me: And Sophia and Emma started fighting saying that Henry was THEIR boyfriend, and Henry said....
Henry: You can both be my friends if you stop fighting!

While relaxing after work and daycare
Me: Do you want to watch a show and play puzzles?
Henry: Um, sure.  I don't want you to be angry, but can we watch Paw Patrol?

While watching a show together
Henry: Are you happy right now?
Me: I'm very happy!
Henry: Why are you happy?
Me: Because you make me happy.  I think you're very funny.
Henry: *leans over and kisses my cheek*
Me: *melted puddle*

When getting ready to go to the park
Henry: *comes to the living room with pants, socks, and shoes* Mommy, I got all the things.

While playing puzzles with Brandon
Henry: I won, you're a loser
Brandon: It's not nice to call someone a loser
Henry: Well, everyone's a loser if they can't win!

While playing with a flashlight with Brandon
Brandon: *pushes the button to turn on the flashlight*
Henry: Why'd you push the damn button?

While walking through Walmart
Me: Henry, look at that giant blow up whale!
Henry: Mom, that's an ORCA
Me: How do YOU know?
Henry: Because I'm super smart

While watching Trolls
Henry: *pulls down his underwear* Look, I'm Guy Diamond!
(If you don't know who Guy Diamond is from Trolls, click here)

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