Having a Boy

"I like your shirt, Mommy.  You look so pretty."

It's things like this that make me swoon these days.  The unexpected notes of encouragement from an otherwise fairly self-obsessed toddler can turn an entire day around.

I love having a boy.  When we first talked about starting our family, I told Brandon that I wanted a boy.  There were a lot of different reasons for this, but the main was that I had always heard what a special relationship boys have with their mothers.  

Since Henry was first born, I could feel that bond we had.  Whether I would've had that with a girl, I'm not sure, but I do know how strong this bond has felt since.  As he's gotten older, is able to verbalize his feelings, and show his love, it's only gotten stronger.  Henry is through and through a Mama's boy (at least for now) and I love it.  He runs to me for comfort, snuggles close to me, gives me plenty of unprompted hugs, kisses, and "I love you's", and is always reaching for my hand to hold.  His simple words of "I'll protect you, Mommy" or the disturbed look on his face when he believes Brandon has wronged me never fails to make me smile.  

I love the imagination and bravado that putting a cape on does for him.  I love the dirt under his fingernails after playing outside.  I love the adventure and explorative nature.  All of these things I'm sure apply to girls as well, but for now, this is how I think of my little boy.  With the dirt on his knees and the grin on his face.  I love being a boy mom, and if they're anything like Henry, I'd take a bunch more.