The Joy of Conquering

One of the most amazing things about being a parent is watching your child conquer something they previously couldn't.  And it happens constantly from the time they are born - conquering rolling over, conquering sitting up, conquering walking and so on.  But yet each time Henry conquers something new, I have the same reaction - an immense burst of pride.  This tiny person that I helped to create has accomplished something he has wanted to do.

This summer we decided to invest in a pool pass for our local pool and it was a fantastic decision.  We've spent a lot of time there and because of that Henry has gotten braver and braver each time.  We haven't pushed him to learn to swim, we just let him explore the water on his own, with or without his tube (seriously, the best $15 we've ever spent - if you're a parent, get one!).  But over the past couple of weeks, he's been teaching himself to go under water.

At first it started with wanting to touch the bottom of the baby pool (see first video below).  And now it's full on breathing under water and trying to swim while doing it (see second video below).  Each time he comes up, he looks over to where B and I are sitting to be sure that we're watching.  He's so proud of himself.  And I get to be amazed, yet again, at watching this tiny person form into his own.  He's learning things without me.  And taking on the world.