At 8:15 pm, B tiptoed out of Henry's room and quietly closed the door.  Just as we have so many other nights since Henry was born.  B went to our bedroom to watch a show while I sprawled on the couch to watch a different show.  It was a typical night Friday night.  

"You know he's awake, right?"  B came out into the living room around 10 pm.

"He is?!" I exclaimed right back.  I had no idea.

I followed B to Henry's room as he opened the door.  There were puzzles and books all over the floor.  Henry was standing there looking from B to me with tears in his eyes as B said "Buddy, you're supposed to be sleeping, not playing!"  Henry thought he was in trouble.  I sat down on his bean bag and brought him into my arms.

"Have you been playing in here this whole time?" Henry nodded, trying to stifle his crying.  I couldn't help myself, I laughed.  He had been putting together puzzles (several puzzles) and reading books and playing with this toys for over two hours, in the dark, and we had no idea.

B asked him if he wanted to go and lay down in our bed with him.  Of course Henry jumped at the chance.  I nodded that I'd be back soon after I had my ritual bowl of cereal before bed (#pregnancy).

I went back to the couch after carrying Henry to our room and resumed my eating and TV watching.  All I could hear from the back of the house was laughter and conversation.  Fifteen minutes later I turned off the TV and went back to join my boys in our queen size bed.  

"Do you want to lay down with us, Mommy?"  I nodded and squeezed in.  The three of us don't fit well in the bed when we're sleeping, but cuddling up?  That's a different story.

By this point it was 10:30 and Henry was wide awake, bouncing around, and telling us stories to make us laugh.  I looked at Henry and at B and just smiled.  It's nights like these where you expect something typical and instead get something that makes a memory.  And while we're in our last few months as a family of three, I'm going to cherish these nights rather than get upset at the break in our routine.   

It was well past 11 before Henry finally closed his eyes as I cuddled up close to him, B having gone back to do his own sprawling on the couch in the living room.  But this night is one that I won't soon forget.

A picture of all of the things (and puzzles) Henry had gotten into while he was playing in the dark.

A picture of all of the things (and puzzles) Henry had gotten into while he was playing in the dark.