Harrison : 09 Months


On 11/12/18: Weight - 22 lb 3 oz (85th percentile), 28.5 inches tall (48th percentile), 47 cm head (93rd percentile)

Dear Harrison,

9 months! We’ve survived nine months - all of us! And just as last month, things are still improving month over month. You’re a happier baby, month over month. You’re a more flexible baby, month over month. You are so fun to watch these days.

You are obsessed with the kitty, just like your brother was. You crawl to him, and open your mouth like you’re either going to kiss him or eat him. And then you rub your head along his fur. He doesn’t seem to hate you as much as he hated Henry, or, he’s just sick of fighting :) Either way, it’s so fun to watch you chase after him.

Speaking of chase, you are getting FAST with your crawling. You started just after you turned 8 months and now at nine months, you’re getting super fast. You and Henry do little races crawling around the living room and it’s hilarious.


You also said Dada for the first time, making your Daddy so happy. I think the two of you are going to be the best of friends one day. Other than Henry, he is definitely your favorite person. The grin you get on your face when he comes home after work each day is just adorable. That smile you have is incredibly charming, and you win over people everywhere you go.

You’ve pulled yourself up a few times this month and I have a feeling by the time you’re 10 months, you’re going to be taking a few steps here and there. We got out Henry’s old walker and you’re able to take a couple of steps with it. So I guess you’ll be an early walker like I was. And you’re in the process of getting your top two teeth now that your bottom two are fully in.

You LOOOVE to eat. This past month Daddy and I were gone two weekends in a row so your Grandma’s took turns staying with you, and they both made that comment. This boy can eat! I don’t think we’ve come across anything that you don’t like yet, and you’re starting to refuse your bottle in favor of “real” food.


All in all, bud, you are a much happier little guy these days, and so much fun to be around. Watching you laugh and play and snuggle is so much fun and we’re thankful that you are ours.



  • The kitty

  • Henry - I love watching you guys playing together

  • Standing up

  • Jumping

  • Splashing in the bath with your brother


  • Being left alone

  • Not being held

  • When you can’t see me

  • Waiting for food

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