Henry: 4 Years Old


Dear Henry,

Today you are four.  I can hardly believe that you have been in our lives for four whole years.  But at the same time, I can't remember life before you, and I don't want to.  You have been such a bright light in our life and I'm thankful every day that I get to be your Mama.

Henry, I want you to know that you are incredibly special.  You're so smart, you're hilarious, you're kind, you're sensitive, and you're so much fun to be around.  Every day your laughter fills the walls of our home and spreads grins across our faces.  The wrestling with your daddy, the tickles with me, there isn't much that will keep you in a bad mood for long.

I have so loved watching you change over the years.  Your imagination is really showing itself now and I absolutely love watching and listening to you play.  The stories that you come up with always entertain me and I hope you never stop imagining.

And now, you're a big brother.  I'll be honest, I was worried about this transition for you.  But I shouldn't have worried.  You are amazing at being a big brother.  All of the love in your little body, you transfer over to your brother easily.  You're helpful and caring and seem to truly enjoy him.  I cannot wait to see your relationship with him grow.  

At four years old, I could never have predicted what you would be like.  The intelligence that you have within you makes me so proud.  Every single day you surprise me with something you know that I had no idea you knew.  Every single day I'm astounded by something you've learned without me knowing it - or that you've picked up somewhere along the way. 

But my favorite thing about you, bug?  Your heart.  You are such a sweet soul and you always want to make the people around you happy.  Nothing makes you more upset than knowing that you've hurt someone's feelings.  You're quick with the hugs and the kisses, which is one of my favorite things.  

I could go on and on about how much your daddy and I adore you.  But suffice it to say, you, kid, are one in a million and we are so, so proud of the little person you've become.  I hope that your core personality never changes.  Because that heart of yours?  It could change the world.

I love you,