Harrison : 01 Month


Weight: 10 lb, 8 oz (48th percentile) // Height: 21 in (10th percentile)

Dear Harrison,

Four weeks ago you leisurely entered our lives.  You were screaming, red, and perfect.  And now, a month later, not much has changed.  I won't lie, it's been quite the month of adjustment for all of us.  In general, you're a very calm, contented baby.  But in the last week or two you've run into some digestive issues that has you a bit fussier than normal and has Daddy and I more exhausted than normal.  Plus, no one likes to see their baby in pain, especially when you can't tell us what hurts and we can't tell you how we'll fix it.

I didn't realize this when we first met you, but you look nearly identical to your big brother.  Looking back at his baby pictures, it's amazing to me how similar you look to one another, but how different you look now.  You definitely have your Daddy's coloring, whereas Henry looks more like me.

Speaking of Henry, even when he's annoyed by how much attention you get, he is truly loving you.  He always wants to hold you, he's always asking where you are, and he helps us with you more than he helps us with anything else.  I have no doubt that the first smile or laugh you give will go directly to him.  And I can't wait to see your relationship together as you get older.

All in all, Harris, we are in love with you.  And now that you'll be developing a personality more, I can't wait to see who you'll become.

You Love

  • The smell of me
  • Falling asleep on someone
  • Having your hand rubbed (just like your brother!)
  • NOT being swaddled (very unlike your brother)
  • Eating - you are an eating machine!
  • Tummy time - surprisingly
  • The sound of water

You Don't Love

  • Being changed
  • Being hungry (patience is not your strong suit)
  • Baths

We love you.


Harris with his zebra at a few days old.

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