Harrison : 02 Months


Weight: 12 lb, 10 oz (50th percentile) // Height: 23 in (38th percentile)

Dear Harrison,

Oh what a month it has been.  Things have been rough this month.  Really rough.  You seem to hate sleeping and don't do it often which has lead to a very tired household for us all, and of course, a lot of frustration.  (And apparently your brother also went through this at the same age.)  It seems you're often two babies - the one who is very sweet and starting to coo and smile, and then the one who fights sleep at every turn and because of that gets overly tired and fussy.  We've tried so many things to help you sleep but nothing has worked just yet.  Though at least it doesn't take us 4+ hours to put you to bed anymore.  I wasn't certain we'd all survive that period, but here we are a couple weeks later.

Though you've been difficult, you're also incredibly charming.  The crooked smile of yours looks just like your brothers and your dark blue eyes are getting lighter.  You're truly beautiful.  There is nothing I love more than watching you smile and coo at me and I can only hope that you start to use that voice of yours more and more for cooing instead of screaming.

We're finally at the point where we can begin to take you out in public (as approved by your doctor) and I can't wait to feel like we're getting back to normal - or, at least what normal is now.  You recently went on your first road trip to visit Toledo and you did pretty good in the car.  We're hoping that by making you travel early, you'll be a good traveler like Henry.  And we'll just wipe the night that you slept somewhere other than your bedroom from our memory because YEESH that was a tough night.

You've now met all of your Aunts and Uncles and the list of important people you still have yet to meet is getting smaller.  We're hopeful that in the next couple months you'll have met everyone who cannot wait to meet you.

I think your brother is still your biggest fan.  He always wants to know where you are and even as I'm typing this, he's continually kissing your head and giving you hugs.  I am so excited for the day when you're more responsive to him and especially for when you can play together.  He loves you so much and I know that you're going to love him, too.

Harris, it's been a tough month but you are so, so loved.  Let's hope this next month goes a little smoother for us all.

We love you so much, buddy.

+ Bathtime
+ The sound of running water
+ Being held while walking around
+ Your Bumbo seat (a new discovery)
+ Looking outside
+ Sweet Potatoes
+ Cereal with apple juice mixed in
+ Riding in the car

+ Sleeping (apparently)
+ Being put down for too long
+ Being taken out of the bath

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