Harrison : 03 Months


Weight: 14.2 lbs (52nd percentile) // Height: 24 in (41st percentile)

Dear Harrison,

Today you have been in our lives for three months but it feels like a lifetime.  I won't lie, this has been another really hard month BUT things seem to be slowly improving.  Or, at least we can hope.  We may have finally figured out your belly issues and you're slowly starting to sleep more and more.  (This past weekend you stayed the night at your Grammie's and SLEPT ALL NIGHT.  Here's hoping you start to do that here now.)

But, on the plus side, in the last month you've started smiling and that grin is so very contagious.  We think you're thisclose to laughing and I cannot wait to hear that sweet sound.  Your smile makes all of the hard times so much easier.  Especially now that you seem to recognize your Daddy and I and your face lights up when you see us.  Your smile is just as crooked as Henry's was and we're so in love.

You have also started taking long road trips with us and you're an excellent traveler.  With your daily fussiness, we were really concerned that traveling would be awful.  But you've completely surprised us and travel just fine.  We're very grateful for that.

So, my sweet buddy, here is to hoping that this next month brings us more sleep and less tears.  And oh how I hope there will be baby laughs.  We need to hear your laughter.

We love you.

+ Bath time
+ Henry - you're always tracking him and giving him your biggest smiles
+ Car trips - they put you right to sleep
+ Carrots - just the baby food, of course
+ Apple juice
+ Sitting by yourself in the recliner

+ Being tired
+ Being hungry
+ Tummy time
+ Not getting attention

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