Harrison : 04 Months


Weight: 14 lb, 10 oz (44th percentile)
Height: 24 in (17th percentile)

Dear Harrison,

I know you aren’t supposed to wish away time in your baby’s life because it all goes so quickly - but I think we can all agree that we’d be okay with forgetting this past month ever happened.  It was another rough one.  Really rough.  There were a lot of tears throughout the month and they weren’t all from you.  We were still struggling with your belly issues, with your sleeping issues, and who knows what else.  But it was hard.

But. BUT!  I think we may have finally started to figure some things out for you and your belly seems to be feeling better lately. Towards the end of the month we even had a few days where I’d consider you the happiest you’d ever been.  Those were really glorious days.

So now I’m hoping that we’ll have a lot more of those days and a lot less of the hard days.

In the last month you’ve started laughing just a bit.  It sounds a lot like Henry’s did - it’s mostly just a grunt, but I love it anyway.  You also rolled from your tummy to your back, though of course I can’t get you to do it again.  I’ve tried to get you to sleep in your crib but you are having none of it.  I’m hoping once you are really feeling better it’ll be easier to get you in there because you’ve basically outgrown your bassinet at this point and I can’t imagine it’s comfortable for you.

This month will see you starting daycare.  We never intended you to go to daycare this early, but for my own sanity, we decided to try it.  Plus, with you not napping much, I haven’t been able to work the way I need to in order to be home with you in the first place.  I think it’s going to be good though.  I don’t have the same level of anxiety I did when your brother started because I know how great daycare has been for him and I hope that you’ll love it just as much.  Plus, maybe a change of scenery will be good for you.  Fingers crossed!


Things You Like

+ Being held by me (we’re trying to break you of only wanting me)
+ Baths (and possibly swimming?)
+ Car rides (once you settle in)
+ Playing in your bouncer and that damn red bird that Henry always liked, too
+ Being outside
+ “Jumping”
+ Your pacifier (though you aren’t as reliant on it as Henry was)
+ Your hands and feet which you seem to have recently discovered

Things You Don’t Like

+ Belly pain (obviously - and who does?!)
+ Not being paid attention to
+ Your crib (we’re trying so hard to get you to sleep there)
+ Tummy time

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We love you Harris.  Let’s hope for a really good month!