Harrison : 05 Months


Weight: 16.8 lbs (49th percentile) Height: 26.5 in (75th percentile)

Dear Harrison,

Well, this wasn't quite as good a month as we had hoped.  Towards the end of the month we FINALLY got your belly issues resolved after having been on medicine most of the month.  But we're still working through an issue with your legs while you're sleeping.  You are constantly flailing your legs as if you're in pain and it's always waking you up so you rarely sleep more than a couple hours at a time - even at night.  We just took you to the doctor in the last week who believes you might be having night terrors (though I don't know that I agree).  So, we're now trying to work through that and get you sleeping better.  After five months, we could all desperately use it.  

The funny thing is, we thought that maybe you were just a difficult child.  But aside from sleeping, you're SUCH a happy, charming baby.  You're quick with the smiles, you like to laugh and play, you're very "chatty" and you are a lover.  Every time we're out, someone always comments on how happy you are.  I often roll my eyes and say NO HE'S NOT.  But the truth is, you are.  As soon as we can get you sleeping, things are going to be really great.

You started daycare this week and I think that you really enjoy it.  There's lots to do, other people to snuggle, and kids to watch.  I think you can't wait until you can get up and go.  I wouldn't be surprised if you're an early crawler.  This month you've been sitting up mostly on your own.  By the time you hit 6 months you'll be an old pro at that.  One thing doctors keep telling us?  You're exceptionally strong.  So the nickname "Meat" has seemed pretty fitting for you.  :)

We've been enjoying the pool this summer and you seem to be a water baby just like your brother.  I can't wait until you're able to play even more in it.  There are a lot of things we're looking forward to in the next few months, and I hope that we're able to get your sleeping sorted out at the very least.  But, at least you're now sleeping in your crib.  Baby steps, right? 

We love you, Harrison.


Things You Like

+ Talking to us
+ Your jumper with the red bird
+ Being outside
+ Hanging upside down
+ Sitting by yourself (especially in the recliner)
+ Oatmeal cereal
+ Standing up

Things You Don't Like

+ Sleeping (pleeeeease sleep)
+ Tummy time
+ Not being swaddled
+ Not being paid attention to
+ Bananas

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Henry wanted involved to see how big he is next to Harris

Henry wanted involved to see how big he is next to Harris