Harrison : 06 Months


Weight: 18.2 lbs (61st percentile) Height: 26.5 in (41st percentile)

Dear Harrison,

Oh sweet buddy, this last month was SO MUCH BETTER.  It's like you're a new baby.  Like we're a new family.  We're all so much happier because... YOU SLEEP NOW!  Granted, you still aren't sleeping through the night, but sometimes we get six or seven hour stretches and it's like I don't even know what to do with myself.  We had to sleep train you and started on July 3rd.  Luckily it wasn't as awful as we had built it up in our heads to be.  Plus, we learned that you're a belly sleeper and that seems to have made the biggest difference to your sleep.  It terrifies us, but we knew you couldn't keep going not sleeping, so we just turn the monitor up extra loud and let you sleep the way you want.

Since you started sleeping, your whole personality seems to have opened up.  You're a happy baby.  You don't just scream, you seem to actually enjoy life these days.  Though without a doubt, your favorite person is your big brother.  Watching you and Henry together makes my heart race.  I love seeing your bond growing.  And those times you get upset?  Your brother can always calm you down.  You're the first person he goes to in the morning.  And when we pick you up from daycare, the grin that spreads across your face when you see him is incredible.  I keep telling myself that I should film it one of these days.


This month saw you becoming much more independent.  You're definitely a sitter.  You're rolling over.  You're laughing (though we still really have to work at it).  You're able to see things from much farther away.  You've been dipping your toes into eating solid foods.  You also have seemed to really notice the cat.  I don't think it'll be long before you're crawling after him and tormenting him the way your brother does.  It seems you can't wait to be mobile, but when we try to put you into crawling position, you're very uninterested.

You're not a "talker" quite as much as your brother was at this age.  But you definitely like to observe.  I'd call you a nosy baby.  Always looking at what other people are doing, which makes it very hard to feed you or get you to sleep if we aren't in your dark bedroom.  Also, you have a nickname that I have a feeling is going to stick.  We call you "Meat" because you are a solid mass of a baby with the thickest, strongest legs.  My sweet little meatball.

All in all, buddy, this month has been a complete turn around.  And one which was desperately needed for all of us.  So here's to the next six months, and seeing what life looks like as you grow up.

We love you.


+ Sleeping on your belly
+ Solid foods (lovin' that pizza crust!)
+ Banging your toys together
+ Hanging upside down (I don't get it)
+ Grabbing our faces
+ Your brother
+ Being outside
+ Being in the pool
+ Bathtime
+ Standing


+ Being out past your bedtime (lord help us)
+ Not getting our attention
+ Napping
+ Tummy time

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