Henry as a Big Brother


I remember the moment that Henry met Harrison.  It was one of the best and also scariest moments of my life.  Leading up to Harrison's birth, we talked to Henry about how life was going to change and tried to make him understand (as best a 3 year old could) that things would be different.  But still, I worried.  So on that day when he walked into the hospital room, my heart was racing.

He came over next to the hospital bed where Harrison was nursing and looked down at this tiny human - his new baby brother.  I wasn't sure what he'd do, what he'd say, or how he'd feel.  But the video I have from that moment will forever be one of my favorites.  It was such a beautiful moment of life as a new family of four and it is forever imprinted into my mind.


Henry has surprised me in every single way since taking on the role of big brother.  He takes his job very seriously and the bond that the two of them have already is enough to warm my heart.  Oftentimes, Henry is the only one that can make Harrison happy when he is cranky.  The grin that spreads across his face when he sees his big brother walk into a room is such a beautiful thing to watch.  I know that in the future, when Harrison is able to walk and talk and take Henry's toys (oh no!) things won't always be this peaceful.  But right now I'm cherishing the fact that Henry is Harrison's idol, and that Henry is fiercely protective of "his baby", as he calls him.



Henry has also stepped into his role by being a helper to Brandon and I.  He's always willing to help us give Harrison a bath, or bring him toys to play with or keep him occupied while we do something else.  At times I worry that we are putting too much responsibility onto a four year old, but Henry has risen to the challenge every single time.  I can put Harrison on the floor with toys, ask Henry to watch him while I go and do my hair in the bathroom and know that everything will be okay.  

I am so proud of Henry and the way he has handled this massive shift in our lives.  Rarely does he complain that we have to do so much with Harrison.  He willingly welcomes Harrison into games with him, often saying Harrison can be "super baby" or some other version of the good guy.  He asks to read to Harrison, and at least once an hour asks if he can give the baby a hug.  Recently he's started telling Harrison that he loves him over and over and the grin on Harrison's face says that he loves Henry, too.


That day that he walked into the hospital room to meet our new baby is something I'll never forget.  And I can't wait to tell Harrison how much he was loved by his big brother right from the start.

Sarah HartleyComment