Harrison : 07 Months


Weight: 18 lb, 8 oz, 60th (8/18)
Height: 26.25 in, 19th (8/18)
Head: 45 cm, 99th (8/18)

Dear Harrison,

I can't stop thinking about how different of a baby you are these days.  From the first 5 or so months of your life to now, it's like we have a completely different baby living with us.  And let me tell you, we're all so much happier these days - you included.  You're a HAPPY baby now.  We even have strangers stop us, you give them that incredible grin you have, and they remark about what a happy baby you are.  And finally, I'm able to say "yes, he is".  Plus, we just have a lot of people stopping us to tell you how beautiful you are.  It's those big blue eyes man, so much like your brothers.  Between the two of you, you guys are always turning heads when we're out.


And while we're on the subject of that grin of yours, man, what a winner.  You give grins freely (but especially to ladies), and it makes the recipient grin right back.  You're still a bit more stingy with the laughs, though.  You have them in you, you just only break them out when something truly amuses you - and that's usually when we're flipping you upside down.  You seem to like the "danger" of it all.

In the past month you've really started eating table foods, making our life, and our wallets, much better.  I don't think you've found a food you DON'T like yet.  But each night for dinner, we fill your belly with mashed potatoes and you sleep soundly from 7ish until at least 6 the next morning.  You also love pancakes and syrup, toast, peanut butter, french fries, pickles, waffles, and of course, mashed potatoes.  I'm looking forward to introducing you to more and more in the next month.


You're starting to look different from your brother.  For so long you both looked nearly identical.  And now you're becoming your own person.  You definitely still look alike, but in your newer pictures, I don't think we'll have trouble telling you apart down the road.

Speaking of your brother, he is still without a doubt your very favorite person.  There is nothing I love more than watching you see him for the first time in the morning.  Or seeing you break out into a smile when we come to your room to pick you up from daycare.  You just think he's hysterical, and he LOOOOVES you.  I know things won't always be this great between you two, but watching your love for one another is just beautiful.

I think you're really close to crawling.  It seems like you just can't wait to move.  We've been putting you on your knees and you'll rock back and forth like you want to move, but then you give up and plop down.  Maybe this will be the month you start moving?  Still no teeth, though every once in awhile we're convinced you have one coming in.  

All in all, it's been a really beautiful, happy month.  Trips to the pool, the museum, getting you to sleep through the night, and more independent playing during the day.  We're so happy the rollercoaster of the early months is behind us, and we can't wait to see what your 7th month holds.


+ Henry, without a doubt
+ Being held upside down
+ Grabbing faces
+ Jumping
+ Standing up
+ Any type of bath toy you can put in your mouth
+ Swimming
+ Sleeping on your belly
+ Being outside


+ Being left alone for more than 10 minutes
+ Being sleepy
+ Being hungry

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We love you so much, Meatball.