Harrison : 08 Months


Weight: 20 lbs (70th percentile)

Dear Harrison,

This was a month of first’s. You got your first two teeth (on the bottom). You said Mama for the first time (I will forever be glad that at least one of my two kids said Mama first). You are THISCLOSE to crawling but somehow still manage to get yourself around a room - I suspect a bit of scooting when no one is looking. You also got your first flu shot - and I didn’t even realize she had given it to you because you didn’t make a peep. I think it’s possibly those massive thighs of yours - couldn’t even feel it.

It’s been a great month.

As has been happening in the last few months, you’ve been consistently happier and happier. This month saw you becoming extremely clingy to me towards the end, but I expect it’s just a bit of a phase that we’re going through. Luckily, you’re still a great sleeper which makes us all happy. I remember the days that we’d put you down “for the night” and not know if we’d have a half hour to relax, or a few hours. It’s great now that we put you down around 7 pm and in general, we don’t see you again until 7 the next morning. Occasionally I’ll have to go to you in the middle of the night to give you your pacifier back, pat your back, and step back out, but it takes minutes rather than hours. I’m grateful - and that’s an understatement.

You and Henry are making me laugh so much these days when you’re together. He still wants to be around you all the time and make you happy, make you laugh. And your reaction to him is so very sweet. I also really love watching the smile take over your face when Daddy comes home from work for the day. You’re easily fitting into nine month clothes, and at this point, are more than half of Henry’s weight. (It’s okay to laugh, we do, too.)


You still LOVE to eat and we’ve been trying to introduce more and more foods to you. Sippy cups are still tough but we’re working on it. I love that I can lay you down on a pillow with a bottle, though, and you can feed yourself while I get dressed. The independence that you’re beginning to show is so welcome.

Coming up in this next month you and Henry are going to be alone with Gramma and then Grammie two weekends in a row. I’m praying that you take this in stride and still sleep well for them. And if not, I hope that you keep giving them that killer smile of yours to make up for it.

Here’s to another beautiful month, Harrison. I can’t wait to see what you conquer.


Things You Like

  • Food - all the food

  • Sleeping on your belly - though I do occasionally find you on your back

  • Standing up to play

  • Climbing all over me like a human jungle gym

  • Henry - all the time

  • The Kitty - specifically his tail

  • Bath time

  • Hanging upside down / flipping over / doing anything that’s slightly dangerous

  • Swinging

  • Chewing on straws

Things You Don’t Like

  • Your teeth being looked at

  • Us taking too long to feed you

  • Me not holding you

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We love you, sweet baby boy.