My Hope For You

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Dear Henry and Harrison,

My beautiful boys.  The tiniest loves of my life.  You, more than anything else, are the reason I was put on this earth.  It isn’t always easy, and nearly five years in, I know that it’ll get so much harder, but right now, life with the two of you is perfect.

I have so much I hope for each of you in your lives.  

But first, right now in this moment, at ages almost 1 and almost 5, I just want you to feel as if you can be kids.  There is plenty of time for growing up and adulthood later in life. But right now I dream that you learn and explore, scrape your knees and have your hearts broken.  I hope that you dream your biggest dreams and truly believe that they are possible. I hope that you never stop laughing, never stop playing, and never stop being on each other’s side.  I hope that you see me and your dad as people to run to to make everything better.

As you get older, I dream of the first time you fall head-over-heels in love.  Love whomever you want, but always be respectful. Fall in love, fall out of love, but always do it with kindness.  I hope that you will be smart, funny, and well-liked. But more importantly, I hope that you will be kind. You both have so much love in your hearts, and I cannot wait to watch you spread it around to the rest of the world.

Henry, you have the biggest heart of anyone I know.  You are empathetic, a true tender-heart. You are exactly the child I needed to have, the one who would soothe all my anxiety over becoming a mom.  You provided for me a chance to open my heart and see just what love can truly mean.

I hope that you never lose the urge to run to someone who is hurting.  I hope that you will always feel indignant over injustice to others. I hope that you will continue to stick up for your friends and your brother.  And that you never lose that sense of curiosity and excitement that is innately in you.

I hope that you will take that big, empathetic heart of yours and use it for good in this world.  That Mr. Rogers saying “look for the helpers” - that is you. The helper. I know exactly how much you are capable of between your mind and your heart, and I cannot wait to see how you use it all.

Harrison, you are such a mixture of fire and fun and I cannot wait to see how that personality of yours continues to develop.  You are fiesty but the sweetness within you often outshines. You want what you want when you want it, but you also go to Henry when he is upset to comfort him.  You know exactly what to do to make us laugh and you do it often.

You are going to be the one taking on the world in a big way through adventure and exploration.  You are going to be the daredevil and the one who beats to the tune of your own drum. My hope for you is that you take that spark, combine it with the incredibly sweet heart inside, and use it to shake up the world.  Do big things.

Whatever you decide to do, my boys, I just hope that you do it with compassion.  You have the opportunity to change the world around you and it’s my hope for you that you do - no matter who you become.

I love you,