Harrison : 1 Year

Weight: 21.7 lbs (65th percentile)

Dear Harrison,

I cannot believe you are a year old, I cannot believe how fast this last half of your year has gone, and I cannot believe that we actually survived this year. It was, without a doubt, the hardest year I’ve ever gone through. But at the end of the day, we have you - and you complete us. This past month has been a roller coaster (as it seems so many are), but you are officially a walking machine. You much prefer walking to crawling and each time I look over, you’ve pulled yourself up on something else and are a tiny walking human. It amazes me each time. Not to mention, I just love the new baby walk.

That smile of yours is still earning stares everywhere we go. You’re quick with it for strangers, charming everyone around you. And you’ve started laughing a lot - I think you’re going to be truly hilarious. It seems you like to make us laugh, and we’re happy to oblige. My favorite thing to do though is to watch Henry get you all worked up until you’re both laughing so hard. It happens in the bath most often, but you seem to think your brother is the funniest person in the world.

I can’t wait for this next year. With Henry, ages 1 and 2 were without a doubt my favorite. I love watching your personality develop and getting a glimpse at who you will become. I can’t wait to see what you will learn, I’m dying to have you talking more (just tell me what you want!!), and I know playtime, especially with Henry is going to get even better. Come this fall, it’s going to be just you and I all day while Henry is at school and I’m excited for that time to bond one on one with you.

You are getting more and more independent these days and I think you’re going to have a combination of my stubbornness and your dad’s impatience in you. Luckily you’re cute to offset that combo! Your Grammie once called you one of the sweetest children she’s ever met, and even through all of the short-temperedness, she’s absolutely right. You are incredibly sweet and I can feel the empathy from you already - especially toward your brother.

When I think back on this year, Harrison, there is so much I think of. First, it’s the really, really tough beginning. I cried many nights at the beginning, I screamed more than I’m proud of, and I wanted to give up more times than I can count. But, of course, you don’t give up on someone you love. So, we kept at it. We tried new things. We took you to chiropractors and we were regulars at the doctor. I begged someone to diagnose you with colic just so I’d have an answer. But time and time again, no one had a reason for your unpleasantness, or the reason that you wouldn’t sleep for longer than an hour at a time. So we tried medication. We tried so many different formulas. We tried every sleeping option known to man. And finally, we gave up and sleep trained you and put you on your belly. Turns out, you were a belly sleeper all that time. If only you had been able to tell us. As we slowly started to come out of the fog around six months, our hearts had to heal a bit from the earlier trauma, but you healed us quickly. With your quick smiles and funny faces, you turned everything around for us. You became the baby we always expected was in there somewhere.

From the wiggles in my belly, to the moment they pulled you out and said “It’s a boy!” (when I was so certain you were a girl), it’s been a true honor to get to be your mom. Your spirt and your empathy are going to take you to big places in your life and I’m so glad that I have a front row seat to watch it all. I am proud to be your mom. I’m so thankful you’re in our lives, and I’m also so thankful that this year is over. I’m ready to move on, to look forward to better times and better memories. And I’m ready to know who you are inside.

We love you with everything in us, Harrison. Happy birthday my sweet boy.

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