Portfolio: The McHenry Family

When the door opened, a sweet baby with big blue eyes peered at me, wondering who this stranger was. Shannon greeted me with a warm “Hi!” like we were old friends instead of people with a mutual friend in common. I stepped into the beautiful old home with tray ceilings and immediately began to survey where I could put lighting, where we could snag the best shots. Grayson, at 11 months old, was chatty repeating “hi” over and over throughout the shoot. Getting Jon and Shannon to play and cuddle and love on baby Grayson was easy, taking shots that I hoped they would love turned out to be both nerve-wracking and so exciting. At the end of our hour together, after we had been all throughout their house and into the front yard, I waved goodbye to Grayson, shook Jon’s hand, and gave Shannon a hug, hopeful that someday soon I’d be back to shoot more photos for this gorgeous family. As I pulled out of their driveway I realized I was smiling, thinking of just how much I love getting the opportunity to tell the stories of these families in quick snapshots that I hope they’ll treasure.

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