Funky Time

(Evolution Gaming) Slot Review

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Funky Time slot REVIEW

Funky Time Game ReviewFans of Crazy Time will probably be all over this new Evolution Gaming release, but you need to be a disco fan to truly enjoy what’s on offer in Funky Time. The Live Hosts have never been more engaged and lively, and they get groovy with it when Mr Funky shows off his moves on the multiplier dance floor. The Live Host is the DJ that directs the virtual John Travolta-inspired character, and this is only one of multiple bonuses you get in this game.

It all starts with a simple spin on the Digiwheel, which comes with plenty of betting options, and you can land regular prizes as well as 1 of the 4 bonuses. The Bar Bonus features a robot bartender, and you get to pick a drink multiplier. There is also a highly engaging multiplier ladder ball drawing game where you choose your team up front. The big highlight is the Disco dance floor bonus and the VIP version of it though, and you can win up to 10,000x your stake.

Funky Time Live - Game Screen

Funky Time Live Game Features & How to Play

You start by placing your bet between £0.1 and £1,000, and you will then select which segments on the 64-segment wheel you would like to place your bet on. You get 17 options to choose from in that regard, and you can place betting chips up to £500. Of the 17 betting options there are 3 main types of bets you can place, and these are as follows:

Number 1 Bet - 28 of the 64 segments are marked by number 1.

Letter Bet - includes 24 segments on the wheel, and the letters spell out the words Play, Funk, and Time. Each word appears twice on the wheel.

Bonus Game Bet - includes 12 segments, with 6 segments awarding the Bar bonus, 2 segments awarding the Stayin’ Alive bonus, 3 segments awarding the Disco bonus, and only one segment awarding the VIP Disco bonus.

You can choose to bet on all 12 letters at once, as well as betting on all 4 bonuses at the same time. If the wheel stops at a number 1 segment or a letter, you win the corresponding bet multiplier prize. Number 1 pays 1:1, while letters pay 25:1, and here is an overview of the relevant RTPs:

Number 1 comes with an RTP of 95.99 %.

Letters P, L, A, Y, F, U, N, K, T, I, M and E give you an RTP of 95.49 %.

Bar bonus RTP is 95.98 %.

Stayin’ Alive Bonus RTP is 95.49 %.

Disco Bonus RTP is 95.51 %.

VIP Disco Bonus RTP is 95.38 %.

Funky Time Live - Bar Bonus

The Bar Bonus takes you into a bar with a robot bartender, and it’s one of the more frequent bonus rounds you will get in this game. You get to choose between 3 drink options, and the drink you pick will reveal the multiplier that will boost your winnings.

The Stayin’ Alive Bonus comes with a ball drawing machine, and it contains 90 colored balls. You start at the bottom of a 20-level multiplier ladder, and the bottom value is 5x. The top value is 10,000x your stake, and you have 4 lives in this game. You will pick a team color up front, of green, pink, or orange, and everything is determined by the balls being drawn.

The black Stop Ball means that all players lose a life, and this also means you remain at the current multiplier level. The green, pink, or orange 1-Step Ball means you climb one step up the multiplier ladder if the ball’s color matches your initial choice.

The green, pink, or orange 2-Step Ball does the same, but it takes you 2 steps up the ladder instead of one. You win whatever prize you have achvied when all lives are lost. Any multiplier from the initial wheel spin will boost all ladder multipliers before the feature starts.

Both the Disco and the VIP Disco Bonuses feature Mr Funky getting groovy with it on the dance floor. It plays out on a colorful 37-square virtual dance floor, while the VIP version comes with a 63-square dance floor.

The Live Host in the DJ booth spins an 8-segment Mini Wheel, and it will display 1 of 4 directions. Mr Funky starts out on the middle of the floor, and he moves in the direction displayed on the Mini Wheel.

As Mr Funky moves and grooves his way around on the dance floor, he will pick up 2 types of multipliers from the squares:

Regular Multipliers - are added to your total win multiplier.

Floor Multipliers - double the values of 5 random regular multipliers on the floor.

The Disco bonus round ends whenever Mr Funky dances himself off the dance floor, and remember that he takes directions from the Live Host DJ booth. Any multiplier from the initial wheel spin will boost regular multipliers on the dance floor before the feature starts.

You have an 18.75 % chance of triggering any of the bonus rounds on any given wheel spin, and below is an overview of your winning chances and chances of triggering the different bonus features:

Number 1 bets come with a 43.75 % winning chance.

Any Letter bets come with a 37.50 % winning chance.

The Bar Bonus comes with a 9.38 % chance of being triggered.

The Disco Bonus comes with a 4.68 % chance of being triggered.

The Stayin’ Alive Bonus comes with a 3.13 % chance of being triggered.

The VIP Disco Bonus comes with a 1.56 % chance of being triggered.

Funky Time Live - Disco Bonus

Review Summary

We like how Evolution keeps pushing the limits of what a Live Casino Game can be, and Funky Time is a dream come true for any fan of John Travolta’s dance moves in the legendary disco movie Saturday Night Fever from 1977. The Live Hosts have to bring their A-game to live up to the premise of this game, and they are more than enthusiastic enough from what we’ve seen. It’s hard to not have a good time with Funky Time, and it’s the perfect game to play while getting ready for a night out.

You will definitely get in the mood to hit the dance floor after a few sessions on the virtual disco floor, and it’s good fun to see Mr Funky groove his way around to pick up multipliers. The Stayin’ Alive bonus is thrilling as well, and we like how players are grouped into different teams. This adds to the social aspect of this live game, and we cannot imagine how Funky Time not being yet another massive success for Evolution. It’s a great game across the board, and we will definitely return to get groovy with it plenty of times in the future.


Funky Time Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of Funky Time?

The overall RTP of Funky Time is 95.99 %, but it varies a bit depending on how you bet.

How volatile is Funky Time?

The volatility depends on how you bet.

What is the biggest win possible?

You can win up to 10,000x your stake in Funky Time, and the max win is also capped at £500,000.

How does the Bar and Stayin’ Alive Bonus work in Funky Time?

The Bar bonus hits most frequently, and you will pick a drink to reveal a multiplier boost. The Stayin’ Alive bonus is a ball drawing game where you’ll climb a prize ladder up to 10,000x your stake.

Is there a free spins mode in Funky Time?

Not really, but you get the Disco and VIP Disco bonuses. You will then see Mr Funky move around on the dance floor to pick up multipliers for you, and it goes on indefinitely until he moves off the floor. The VIP version comes with a larger dance floor.

Can I play Funky Time Live Game for free?

No, live games do not come with a demo mode. However, you can observe the game being played without placing any bets until you are comfortable doing so.

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