War of Gods

(Red Tiger) Slot Review

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War of Gods slot REVIEW

War of Gods ReviewWhen the Lord of the dead is pitted against the Ruler of the living, you know you’re in for a pretty epic battle. This is the stage Red Tiger has set for War of Gods, and the game comes very close to living up to the hype. Per usual with this developer, it’s not the audiovisual presentation that’s lacking here, but rather the math model.

With a storm of biblical proportions brewing in the background, the 2 powerful gods will duke it out on the 5x4 reel set. Both the symbols upgrade Zeus feature, and the reel expanding Hades feature, are powerful in their own right. However, things take a turn for the epic when they combine into the Warring Gods showdown. Unfortunately, the mediocre potential deflates the epicness somewhat, not least combined with a low max bet and a below average RTP (with RTP ranges).

War of Gods Slot Reel Screen

War of Gods slot Features

You will not find any wild symbols in this game, and also no traditional free spins feature. What you do find however, is 3 Hold & Win features with hard-hitting names like Wrath of Zeus, Hades Hellfire and Warring Gods.

The Wrath of Zeus feature is triggered when you land two 1x2 sized Zeus symbols on reels 1 and 5 on the same spin. You will now land only high-value 1x1 Zeus symbols (and blanks), and these become sticky on the reels. The Zeus symbols can expand into 1x4 Super Symbols, and a special upgrade symbol might also land. This can happen up to 3 times, and it will upgrade the Zeus symbol value each time. The feature goes on as long as you keep landing new symbols.

The Hades Hellfire feature is triggered when you land two 1x2 Hades symbols on reels 1 and 5 on the same spin. It plays out in a similar fashion, as you will now land only sticky Hades symbols and blanks. Also the Hades symbols can expand into fully covering the reels, and here the special symbol will expand the grid size up to 7x6. This increases the number of win ways from 45 to 60, and any expanded 1x4 Hades symbols will expand with the reels up to 6 rows in height.

The big highlight of this game is the Warring Gods feature, where Zeus and Hades are duking it out in an epic battle. You trigger the Hold & Win game by landing an instance of each god on reels 1 and 5, and it basically combines the two previous features into one. You will land both Zeus and Hades symbols now, as well as blanks, and both may expand to cover full reels.

You will also benefit from both special symbols in the Warring Gods feature. This means that you can upgrade the symbols in value up to 3 times, as well as expanding the grid up to 7x6 with 60 win ways. This, of course, can lead to wins up to 2,518x your stake, which is the highest payout possible in this game.

The 200 Spins War of Gods slot Experience

Nothing memorable happened for us in the base game, but we managed to trigger the Warring Gods feature after a while. You can safely skip to 0:45 into the highlights video below, if you just want to see how the feature played out. The whole thing went on for a good while, and we got several upgrades and reel expanding symbols. The total win was also pretty solid, and you can check it all out by clicking the play button.

Review Summary

Red Tiger has a thing for unusual math models and stats, and it’s an unfortunate fact that this will sometimes ruin otherwise strong titles. War of Gods could have been rock solid if the NetEnt partner had only beefed it up with a suitable max win. Instead, the whole thing fizzles out with a mediocre potential, which makes it hard to keep up the morale when grinding for lengthy base game sessions.

The game is visually stunning however, and the 2 regular Hold & Win features combine nicely into what could have been a truly epic Warring Gods thrill-ride. Red Tiger should really reconsider what they are doing, cause War of Gods deserves a better math model. Even a fairly standard max win of 5,000x would have gone a long way here, which is hardly too much to ask.

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War of Gods Slot FAQsWhat is the Payout Percentage of War of Gods?

The game’s default RTP of 95.66 % is a bit below the industry average, and you also need to beware of customizable RTP ranges with this game.

How volatile is War of Gods slot?

The volatility is high in this game, and it can take a while before you trigger any of the 3 Hold & Win features.

What is the biggest win possible?

You can win up to 2,518x your stake in War of Gods, which is a bit weak for this kind of volatility.

How do the 2 Zeus and Hades Hold & Win features work here?

Both Zeus and Hades have their own unique Hold & Win feature. Each feature goes on as long as you keep landing more of the relevant god symbol. You can also land special symbols, and these will either upgrade the symbol value (Zeus) or expand the reel set (Hades).

What about the Warring Gods Hold & Win feature?

Warring Gods combine both above mentioned features into one. You can then upgrade the symbol values up to 3 times, as well as expand the reel set up to a 7x6 grid with 60 win ways.

Is there a free spins mode in War of Gods slot?

No, there is no traditional bonus round here. It’s all about the 3 unique Hold & Win features mentioned above.

How many winning ways are available?

You start with 45 win ways, but this number can increase to 60 in the Warring Gods and Hades features.

Can I play War of Gods slot for free?

Yes, you can check out the free War of Gods demo game at the very top of this page (UK players must verify age first). Up there you’ll also find plenty of casinos that are confirmed to carry this title.

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