Wild O Clock

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Wild O Clock slot REVIEW

Wild O Clock ReviewRed Tiger has an impressive productivity, not least when you consider the fact that they always release games that are technically of high quality. Wild O Clock takes you inside the mechanics of a massive clock, but it can also “clean your clock” if you’re not careful with your bankroll and bet level. The theme is quite innovative, and it comes with a nice combination of bonus features that makes for a well-balanced gameplay experience.

It all plays out on 6 reels, 4 rows and 30 ways to win, and you can place bets between 10p and £40 per spin across all platforms and devices. As always with this developer, you need to beware of the RTP ranges that can be adjusted down from the default 95.69 % at the whim of any casino operator. The volatility is supposedly medium in this game, but we took a beating in our 200 spins experience that felt suspiciously like a high volatility knock-out. Read all about that further down in the review.

The game runs very much like a well-oiled clockwork, but each spin takes one hour if we are to believe the clock with roman numerals above the reels. Jokes aside, as this is, in reality, a spin counter, and every 12th spin you’ll benefit from a random number of wild reels. This is true also in the bonus round, as the very last spin is always the 12th. In addition, you will benefit from a progressive multiplier that builds by landing random multiplier wilds up to 8x. This can lead to solid payouts for sure, but the max win is limited to 2,079x your stake in this game.

Wild O Clock

What are the bonus features?

You will find some interesting features in this game, and they are fairly well-balanced between the bonus round and the base game. Above the reels you’ll see a clock with 12 Roman numerals, and the clock moves 1 hour per spin. At the midnight hour (XII), that is every 12th spin, the Lucky O Clock feature is triggered.

You will then be granted a random number of Super Wilds. These are fully stacked 1x4 sized wilds that look like grandfather clocks. You can, if you’re lucky enough, fill all the reels with Super Wilds, and this will lead to a payout of 300x your total stake.

You also have regular sized wilds that can land at any time, and these will step in for all regular symbols to help you form winning combos. Sometimes the wilds that are actually part of a winning combo will turn into multiplier wilds. The multiplier value can be as high as 8x, which can lead to some solid base game payouts.

Free spins in Wild O Clock

The free spins bonus round is called Clock Spins in this game, and you trigger it by landing 3 clock spin scatter symbols anywhere on the same spin. This gives you 12 free spins, which is an auspicious number in this game, and you will also benefit from a global multiplier.

When you land a wild as part of a winning combo, it will always reveal a multiplier value up to 8x. This then becomes the global multiplier that will boost all wins from that point forward. If you land a new winning combo including a wild, the wild multiplier value will be added to the progressive global multiplier.

On the 12th and final clock spin, you will get a random number of stacked super wilds. This will hopefully lead to a massive win before the feature ends, and it’s a nice touch that makes the whole thing climax at the strike of the midnight hour. If you are unlucky enough to not win anything from the last spin, you will sometimes get a second chance as the feature is triggered again.

How to play

Wild O Clock slot comes with the standard minimalistic and modern Red Tiger interface, and here we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get started with this game. If you already have a decent amount of slot playing experience, you might wanna skim through this part, or perhaps skip it altogether. This is mostly aimed at new players who have not played a lot of online slots before.

You can start by clicking the stake icon down to the left-hand side. This opens up the bet range for you, and you can choose your total stake between 10p and £40 per spin. This is a decent range that also high rollers can probably live with, at least the more moderate players in that category. Still, we don’t see why Red Tiger don’t allow bets up to £100, which is the standard max bet in the industry.

Anyway, you can check out the paytable via the hamburger menu up in the right corner. The paytable has 7 slides, and you find the actual symbol values on the 6th slide. Before that, you can read all about the different bonus features, and the descriptions come with nice illustrations to make everything crystal clear for you. The very last slide gives you a visual presentation of all the 30 paylines.

Wild O Clock

If you don’t want to spin the reels manually, you can set up the autoplay feature with between 10 and 100 autospins. You will also have to set a loss limit here, and you can make the feature stop when you win a certain amount also. If you want to increase the pace of the gameplay, you can turn on the fast play option via the turbo button next to the spin button.

Where to play Wild O Clock?

Red Tiger games are quite popular with operators, and you will therefore have no trouble finding a solid casino to play Wild O Clock slot at. At the time of writing, the wide release has not yet happened, but it’s right around the corner. You will most likely be able to play this game in more than 100 casinos though, judging from previous releases from this developer. Below we’ll present you with the main options you have.

Play for real money

If you are familiar with Red Tiger games, reading the above might just be enough to convince you that this is a game you want to try. Our service to you is a complete scan of all the licenced casinos in the market. This means that you will always find the best possible overview of where to play Wild O Clock right here on this page. Just follow the link to the top, and pick and choose from our buffet of welcome offers.

Play free demo version

If you feel a bit unsure about this game, or have any doubts at all, we recommend that you try the free demo version first. This will give you all the time in the world to test out the gameplay and the features, and you will then know for sure if this is something you want to pursue. We have the Wild O Clock demo game installed at the very top of this page. Simply follow the link up there, and you can get started right away.

The 200 Spins Wild O Clock Experience

With the turbo switched on, Wild O Clock scores 7.5 out of 10 on our unofficial “oddly satisfying” gameplay scale. Ten on this scale means you hardly care if you win or lose, while 1 means you’re in danger of getting an ulcer. The game runs like the clock it’s designed to be like, and the sound effects only adds to this pleasing illusion.

With medium volatility, we didn’t expect quite as many dead spins and smaller wins as we actually got at the start of our session. It seemed hard to get anywhere in this game, and we feared it would “clean our clock” in no-time. We had our fingers crossed for the 12th spin though, as we looked forward to the stacked super wilds the midnight hour brings.

We got only 2 super wilds at the strike of midnight this time, and these grandfather clocks ended up on reels 3 and 6. The 0.8x win was quite a disappointment too, and things didn’t look too good for us thus far. After a few more spins we landed 3 Clock Spin scatters, and this triggered the bonus round with 12 free spins.

We thought that this would finally show us what this game has to offer, but instead we kept landing nothing but dead spins. With only 5 spins left, we finally landed a wild in a winning combo. It turned into a 4x multiplier wild, and we won - hold onto your hat - 2x our stake.

Nothing much happened until the 12th spin, when we again were granted 2 super wilds. These were stacked on reels 4 and 5 this time, and the global multiplier was now increased to 6x. This gave us a decent 48x our stake win, and we got away with a total win of 50.8x our stake. Not super impressive, but hopefully you will have more of a beginner’s luck with Wild O Clock slot than we did.

Review Summary

Wild O Clock is a pretty original idea, and the concept has been well executed by Red Tiger. You really get the feeling of being inside a massive clock when spinning the reels here, and the gameplay has a natural “oddly satisfying” quality that’s amplified by the excellent sound effects. The biggest drawback is the somewhat mediocre potential of 2,079x your stake. It’s not a horrible potential for a medium variance game, but it’s not exactly an attraction either.

The gameplay itself can be harsher than you might think at times, as we experienced more dead spins and minute wins than we expected in our test session. This is true even in the bonus round, but the 12th Lucky O Clock spin can be a saving grace that comes to the rescue when you need it the most. All in all, this game is well worth checking out, just as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into with the RTP ranges and all.


Random stacked wilds on every 12th spin

Free spins with progressive global multiplier

Well executed clockwork theme


Mediocre max win potential of 2,079x

RTP of 95.69 % and customizable RTP ranges

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Wild O Clock Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of Wild O Clock slot?

The default Return to Player is 95.69 %, which is already a bit lower than average. However, the game comes with customizable RTP ranges, which means operators can adjust the payout percentage even lower if they wish. Find out more about RTP and RTP ranges here.

How volatile is Wild O Clock?

This is said to be a medium volatile game, but it came across as highly volatile in our 200 spins test session. Tread somewhat carefully with this one, is our best advice.

What is the biggest win possible?

You can win up to 2,079.1x your stake in Wild O Clock slot, and this means that payouts up to £83,164 is possible if you play with the highest stake of £40 per spin.

How does the Lucky O Clock feature work?

On every 12th spin a random number of fully stacked wilds are unleashed, and they can potentially take over the whole screen.

Is there a free spins mode in Wild O Clock?

Yes, you get 12 Clock Spins when you land 3 scatters, and the global progressive multiplier will increase for every random multiplier wild that is involved in a winning combo.

How many winning ways are available in Wild O Clock?

This game comes with 30 fixed paylines, so this is not something you can adjust.

Can I play Wild O Clock slot for free?

Yes, you can check out Wild O Clock for free at the very top of this page. Up there you’ll also find a nice selection of casinos where you can play Wild O Clock with a nice welcome bonus.

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